The Stucco Advantage

Restoring your stucco provides you with a lower cost of materials and labor, true color match ability, and quality craftsman style work that keeps your stucco looking fresh, new and most importably, like stucco! Our service is a true investment in your property.

Our Customers Know

Find out what our clientele of professional Property Management companies and HOAs know about the care of their stucco. Our proven method of repairing cracks, voids and stains is healthy for their stucco, durable, and at a cost significantly less than that of paint.

For over 20 years, Stucco Colormatch has been focused on quality repairs and restoration of integral color stucco. Integral color (unpainted) stucco is a valuable building exterior.  Properly cared for, natural stucco looks great and performs well for decades.

Unfortunately, stucco is poorly understood and is often painted, adding a layer of dissimilar material that compromises stucco’s natural ability to absorb and release water. The reason many paint is that until recently, the stucco industry has not provided homeowners with a good solution to maintain natural stucco.

We have a great solution!  One that is non-toxic using a material similar to stucco made of the finest ingredients that can be color matched to do touch-up on stained, cracked or damaged stucco. Stucco problems can be made to go away at an affordable price and we can provide ongoing touch up of natural stucco.  Natural stucco can be made to look and perform beautifully when restored properly.